We are involved in many large scale projects, in some projects as consultants and multimedia designers, and in others as A/V integrators. Take a look at some of our last successful projects:

Photo courtesy of "The Western Wall Heritage Foundation"

Photography by Udi Armoni 

The Journey to Jerusalem - The Western Wall

The Journey to Jerusalem is an exciting interactive experience that enables viewers to follow their ancestors through the Diaspora, on their journey back to Jerusalem. The Journey to Jerusalem takes place in a special room that was recently exposed in the Western Wall Tunnels. For 50 minutes, the visitor can follow historical events, from the destruction of the Temple until our return to Jerusalem and its reconstruction in modern times, through an interactive program that includes dozens of video clips. The Performance combines personal interactive workstations, with group training.

Through the project's complex work process, AV Magic provided consulting for the design of a synchronized, interactive multimedia system. The project required collaboration and Interfaces with many Interactive, content, lighting, art and video specialists.


Photo courtesy of "TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE"

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Terra Sancta museum, Jerusalem



Located in the center of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Monastery of Flagellation attracts thousands of pilgrims each year, drawing them to the authentic site of the second station of the Cross. Before continuing on the Via Dolorosa, pilgrims can experience Jerusalem's 3000 year old history in this 15 minute multimedia scenography. A custom made 3D topographical city model serves as a projection surface. The model is mapped with a film giving visitors insight into Jerusalem's urban and cultural development during 3000 years. In another part of the installation, life sized light figures are projected onto the ancient walls of the monastery, whispering to the visitors and guiding them out of the space to their further spiritual journey.
The scope of work in this multinational complicated project included: consulting to a germen multimedia company (TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE), with response to the needs of the Italian architect and the client - Franciscan Monastery, designing the audio-visual systems, integration with lighting systems, and project management - coordination at the site between the germen creative and sound team to the Israelis audio visual and lighting contractors.

Nahalal historical police station Visitor center

During this unique project, AV Magic designed and integrated the multimedia systems in the Nahalal historical police compound. At the site - Meir Amit visitor Center and audiovisual spectacle deals with the "Notrim" (The Jewish Police Force set up by the British in the Mandatory Palestine). The project included designing synchronized multimedia systems and lighting in the "Notrim" spectacle (for Orpan group), and designing synchronized 270 degrees projection at the Meir Amit Performance (for Neta Rosenblat production).

Photo courtesy of "The Council for conservation of Heritage Sites", photography by Neta Rosenblat 

Gush Etzion Testimonial Heritage Center 
2014 - 2016

In this experience, AV Magic designed the projection and multimedia systems, including surrounding video mapping projection (270° projection surrounding the spectator).

The multimedia experience, examines the story of the Kfar Etzion massacre in The War of Independence, giving the visitor a realistic experience through innovative technologies. The project involved collaboration and interfaces with content and production team (Camel Productions), lighting, video, and more. AV Magic supported the project, from the initial design to implementation and the opening of the site.

Photo courtesy of "Gush Etzion Testimonial Heritage center "

photography by "Camel Productions"

Union Motors (Toyota) Tel-Aviv show room - Digital Signage

AV Magic Consulted to "Union Motors" in the implementation of digital signage systems at the main show room of the Toyota car brand in Tel-Aviv.
Digital signage systems are used to broadcast scheduled video content, provided for information and marketing purposes. These systems are common in retail compounds as well as tourist sites and training campuses.
The Toyota project included finding a suitable technological solution, system design, contractor selection, supervision over implementation at the site, and supporting the client in every step of the process.

Photo courtesy of "Assuta Medical services center"

Assuta university - public hospital -
Operation rooms medical grade control systems
"Assuta" - Israel’s leading medical services center, is building a new university - public hospital in Ashdod, which is scheduled to open in 2017.
As part of the project, AV Magic was requested to advise and design the multimedia systems of the operating rooms.
The multimedia systems will allow surgeons to view the endoscopic cameras' output on UHD resolution screens in the operating room. The hospital will be able to transmit live surgery, from the operating rooms for academic purposes and consultation with colleagues.
In addition, advanced medical recording systems and interface with the PACS system will be deployed. It is a distributed system, designed to support uncompressed UHD video transmitted over IP networks using fiber optics. This type of system is the first to be implemented in Israel, and is among the first of its kind in the world.
Segev-Art restaurant - projection

As part of a design upgrade of the "Segev" restaurant in Herzliya Pituah, and the transformation into "Segev Art" concept, which emphasizes creative design and exceptional serving of the dishes, it was decided to change the restaurant's decoration.
A three-dimensional decorative wall was built in the restaurant, in which culinary art content by Ido Isaac was projected on, using Video Mapping technology.
AV Magic has designed and adjusted the exhibit's video systems. We also took part in defining the content characteristics with the photographers and video editors.
The project was installed by D.M engineering.

Photo courtesy of "Segev resturants" 

Ben-Gurion international airport - Public Announcement system upgrade

After 12 years from the opening of Terminal 3 in Ben Gurion Airport, it was decided to upgrade the public announcement systems at Terminal 3 and Terminal 1, in order to adapt innovative technologies that will fit current operational needs.
AV Magic plans the announcement systems on both terminals, and in the new fourth wing of Terminal 3.
The main challenge in the project is relying on existing equipment, while upgrading the central active system capabilities and decentralizing it.

Photo courtesy of "Beit Midrash for Halacha in Agricultural Settlements - Emunat Ish"

"Emunat-Aretz" Educational Center

"Emunat Erets" Educational Center is designed to provide students with religious law knowledge, with the goal to learn about the country dependent  "Mitsvas".
Visiting the learning center allows each student to become familiar with the principles of halakhic commandments by experiential learning, using advanced technology.
During the visit, the students experience, having some of the commandments - whether actual or through simulation and visualization.
The project includes an interactive learning class, with personal content which is synchronized with a central video display. AV Magic has designed the means of the multimedia center, and supervised the implementation carried out by "Barkai" Integration Company.