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Control Rooms

Security Control Rooms

In projects commissioned by an Israeli security company, AV Magic designed and implemented complex video and audio routing systems in security control rooms in Israel and abroad. For the various projects AV Magic developed customized interfaces for control and monitoring using touch screens. The systems feature dozens of sources and means of display, including video walls and projectors. Several scenarios were programmed into the systems, which can be modified by the user, changing the layout of the audio and video sources visible on the displays and heard through audio processors.

The project carried out in Israel is based on the Crestron NVX system, while the projects carried out abroad, in collaboration with AVCOM, are based on Terra SDVOE systems made by Christi. For these projects, which were implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, pre-programmed systems were sent in advance, and the challenging long-distance implementation was successfully executed from Israel by remote control.

Client: An Israeli Security Company

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