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Broadcast Studios

Zoom Studio at “Maoz” offices

Maoz is a leadership network featuring leaders from all walks of Israeli society. The network’s objective is to build trust between decision makers, and produce multi-sectoral changes and solutions for local public spaces, health, education, and employment. The organization, which conducts many courses and workshops, has been facing a significant challenge during the COVID-19 period, due to the necessity to transfer some of its activities from the physical dimension to digital format. 

AV Magic, in collaboration with Nir Maor Solutions, assisted the organization in the design and setup of a Zoom studio for this purpose. The studio includes a technological package, allowing the presenter: simplified control, adjustable through a control panel that activates various functions in the system, such as control of the presentation, lighting, beginning and ending screen sharing, etc. In addition, speakers can mark the presentation in an intuitive manner, using a graphic screen, and can choose between a standing or sitting position, thanks to an electric table whose height can be adjusted.

Client: Maoz

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