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Ancient Shiloh,
City of the Tabernacle

Shiloh, with a history of 3,000 years, is the city of the Biblical Tabernacle (the Mishkan) and the first capital of the Kingdom of Israel. Visitors to Shiloh, now one of Israel’s most important heritage sites, can enjoy a live demonstration of the Mishkan and its vessels. Advanced technologies enable visitors to view the Mishkan both dismantled and reconstructed, with 3D models of the Mishkan's vessels hovering in the air. Visitors can then follow the story of the Mishkan's wanderings from the Sinai Desert until the construction of the First Temple in Jerusalem.

AV Magic designed and implemented a hologram pyramid at the site, which displays a video above a 3D model of the Mishkan illuminated from within, with a video mapping projection on top of it. AV Magic also developed and implemented another interactive attraction at the site, an educational game for capturing archeological finds, which activates videos on weather-protected screens mounted on rotating axes.

Client: Nitzan Refaeli Studio

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