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Museums & Visitor centers, System Design

The Museum of the Jewish Warrior in WWII

The Museum of the Jewish Warrior in World War II is located at the Yad LaShiryon site in Latrun. The Museum, with six wings extending over 2,200 square meters, will bring to life the story of the Jewish fighters in World War II, shedding light on this until now unknown chapter in the history of the Jewish people - their heroism as soldiers during the Holocaust.

On the Museum’s exhibition center, visitors can learn about the stories of Jewish combatants who fought in all the armies and combat forces during World War II. The Museum will also house a guidance and learning center, an information center, a research center, archives and more.

AV Magic designed the multimedia systems in the Museum's various spaces, including the display and public areas. The systems include complex projections, large touchscreens, touch walls, holographic projections, 360-degree projections and more.

Client: The Museum of the Jewish Warrior in World War II

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