Collating Data

AVMagic - Real solutions for unreal challenges

In today's competitive environment, where profit margins become tighter, straightforward solutions are not enough. To win projects and stay profitable, audiovisual solution providers must stay ahead of the game. 

AV Magic created a new niche in the world of audiovisual and multimedia. We are a technological commando team, cooperating with industry players, to create innovative offering and advanced solutions. AV Magic leverages its professionalism and expertise, to cooperate and complement integrators and audio-visual companies, presenting quality solutions with an optimized cost - performance ratio.
Our broad perspective and in-depth understanding of the wide range of technologies available, facilitates a truly fit-for-purpose solution for today's challenges.

Powered by AVMagic - B2B Services

When it comes to high-level integration requiring multi-disciplinary technical knowledge, every winning team needs some assistance.
Through the "Powered by AVMagic" initiative, we empower A/V professionals, such as integrators, consultants and product developers, hence providing a competitive edge.

Support for Audio-Visual integrators and contractors

AV Magic provides system design, user-interface design and programming for audiovisual integrators and contractors. These creative, cost-effective, stable and reliable solutions enable contractors to focus on their projects' flow rather than battling the unexpected.


System design for Audio-Visual & IT consultants

AV Magic offers consultants intelligent systems design services, based on many years of practice, in various sectors. Involving AV Magic in the earlier design stages of  the project, allows the consultant to focus on his core work, reassured by the fact  that the project will be designed and built on solid basis.

R&D for Audio-Visual manufacturing companies

Our professional input, based on our experience with integrators and end-users, is vital prior to investing time and resources in developing new audio-visual products. Information and input evolved while developing dozens of solutions used in hundreds of projects, will reduce the time to market and ensure value added products.