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Museums & Visitor centers
  • Consulting and systems design - "Yad Vashem" - holocaust history museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Mount Herzl new memorial, Jewish cinema museum in Jerusalem, "The Journey to Jerusalem" at the western wall,  Gush Etzion Testimonial Heritage Center, the new visitor center built in Neot-Hovav, Anzak visitor center in Beer Sheva, Eynot Zukim visitor center, Mount Grizim visitor center, Qumran Caves visitor center, "Beit Seach Nashim" in Petah-Tikva, consulting for the Ministry of Defense museums, and more.

  • Contracting - Terra Sancta museum, Nahalal historical police station, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Video Mapping in Helena Rubinstein Pavilion and Video art by Nevet Izhak), Agam fountain - a special show for the memory of Arik Einstein, and more. 

Marketing & Entertainment
  • Consulting and implementation of digital signage systems and video walls - Union Motors ("Toyota") central show room

  • Unique projections - Rafael, Lublinsky Knives, Segev Resturants, Nike, and more.

  • Rides & Attractions using Show Control systems, moving seats, etc.

  • Consulting and design for the Israeli Airport Authority - Large scale PA systems design in Ben-Gurion Airport - terminal 3 and terminal 1.

  • Control rooms and War rooms -  for the IDF, Shikun & binui (Arison Group Real Estate), and more.

  • Consulting to Assuta private hospitals - Medical grade video routing and control systems for operation rooms.

Learning and Training
  • Consulting, design and system implementation at Learning and training institutions - The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, The Open University of Israel, "Emunat Aretz" educational center, and more.

  • City council conference and voting systems.

  • Board rooms & meeting rooms.

  • Smart house systems for the private sector.