In the audio field we provid a comprehensive solution of the following specializations:


  • Audio for conference meeting rooms - (conference calls) - Design and calibration of audio systems for conferencing and meeting complex, such as boards of directors, councils, etc.

  • Audio halls and public complexes - (amplification) - Designing complex amplification system according to the needs of the project, taking into account the size of the complex, including audience size, acoustic conditions, type of complex (auditorium, hall, etc.).

  • Public announcement systems - including systems design, deployment speakers using simulation software, configuration and calibration of systems.


An example of an audio design Project -
Public Announcement System Upgrade at 
"Ben Gurion Airport"
Twelve years after opening Terminal 3 in the Ben Gurion Airport, it was decided to upgrade the public announcement system at Terminal 3 and Terminal 1, in order to adapt innovative technologies that will fit current operational needs.
AV Magic plans the announcement systems on both terminals, and in the new fourth wing of Terminal 3.
The main challenge in the project is relying on existing equipment, while upgrading the central active system capabilities and decentralize it.